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it's not easy being this amazing...

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all smilesI am transitioning from a married woman in an unhappy marriage to my new life as a single mom. It's not easy, but I have decided that I will take control of my life and that I will enjoy this time with my beautiful son Mark Jr. My son is going to be 2 yrs old in April 2009 and he is my world. He is developmental delayed and has low muscle tone. He is not yet sitting up without support, or bearing weight on his legs to stand or walk. It has been a long journey and I want answers from doctors and I hope that I will get them soon. Live journal for me, is a form of therapy. I write what I feel. No matter how random. How blunt. How embarrasing. I have a tendency when things get hectic to disappear. It's my way of coping.
beaches, camping, dancing, eating out at resturants, movies, playin with junior, reality tv, shopping, spending quality family time, travel